Established in 1970, Hongkong Managers and Secretaries Limited (“hkMS”) is a licensed Trust or Company Service Provider and an approved Share Registrar in Hong Kong. During the past 40 odd years, we have developed from a small corporate secretarial firm into a fully diversified professional services company which provides a wide range of services to our clients.

Apart from general corporate services such as company secretarial work, incorporation and administration of companies registered in Hong Kong and other jurisdictions and corporate restructuring, our extensive scope of work extends to cover compliance services, accounting services, payroll services, share registration and visa application.

Today, hkMS has expanded to serve a comprehensive client base ranging from single-property holding companies to multi-national corporations. Being an innovative company, we can respond promptly to any changes in the professional and commercial environment. Our understanding of the changes in the economic situation enables us to provide proactive advices to our clients and be responsive to their business needs. In addition, we can provide recommendations and options to meet difficult business challenges and new opportunities faced by our clients.