Accounting is a common language in interpreting a business. The structured information facilitates individuals to assess the firm’s financial health and prospects. A solid business requires accurate and reliable accounts, enabling management to make the right decisions.

hkMS provides comprehensive assistance to all aspects of the accounting functions including setting up and maintaining a customized bookkeeping system, managing the bookkeeping and accounting operation and documentation meticulously.

Our bookkeeping and accounting services include:

  • Tailoring the Chart of Accounts
  • Preparing periodic management accounts according to HKFRS
  • Provision of detailed accounting record that includes general ledger, Statement of Financial Position and income statements
  • Preparation of bank reconciliation
  • Budget and forecast preparation for management purposes
  • Annual audit liaison: attending to the enquiries during audit process
  • Design and prepare customized management reports for the companies
  • Disbursement management: reviewing expense claims, processing payments
  • Design, set up and implement tailor-made accounting system appropriate to reporting requirements
  • Preparation of Employer’s Returns of Remuneration and Pensions


  • Bank Statements
  • Purchase Invoice, Payment records, Import Documents, Bank Payment Advice
  • Sales  Invoice, Delivery Receipt, Bank deposit Advice
  • Record of daily operation expense
  • Incorporation Documents
  • Agreements, Contracts

*Additional document(s) will be requested for the accounting purpose by our professionals if necessary.